Our new mission is a landmark building located at the heart of Brussels. 15 floors dedicated to service facilities and adaptative work spaces. FCM Architects is in charge of the renovation of a unique spot in the capital of Europe responding to today’s and tomorrow’s ways of working: co-sharing and flexible structures allowing agility while putting people at the core.

FCM Architects has created an inspiring and trendy atmosphere leading the users to feel and to experience another way of interacting at work. Our team of experts have been developing a multi-sensorial experience targeting people’s well-being: Green & relaxing - the courtyard at the entrance of the building has been turned into a peaceful garden allowing the users to enjoy a vegetal and calm environment. The soft mobility has been given priority while limiting the car traffic to an absolute minimum. Look & feel - a welcoming, refined and contemporary interior design. Acoustic & artistic - every detail has been thought through for a comfortable and smooth usage. Digital - top technologic equipment.

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Above the light, open lobby providing an immediate impressive feeling, FCM Architects has rethought 15 floors proposing 22.000 sqm of diverse office spaces that can easily be split depending on the user’s needs. From meeting rooms, to co-working stations, « plug & work » nomadic desks to creative chilling and restaurant zones, the whole building has be reconsidered to suit every tenant’s requirement.

FCM architects have revamped this iconic building while empowering the existing advantages: an unrestricted daylight but also an uninterrupted panorama at the center of Brussels taking everyone’s breath away. Our team has designed the different spaces with natural materials such as wood and stone topped with a green touch while high quality and subtle finishing elements are completing the experience.

Through our intervention in the occupied building, we managed to adapt the former structure to provide an optimized surface proposing top services: concierge facilities, underground parking for cars while a specific attention has been brought on an easy access for soft mobility vehicles at the main entrance. The overall project is organized in different phases allowing an uninterrupted activity for the current users of the building. At first, the lower floors will be refurbished, followed by the public zones and to end with the upper floors. This phasing requests for a clear and optimized organization of the whole team. All together, we have been looking to push the architectural boundaries making an undeniable winning combination for companies searching for working solutions as well as their employee’s well-being.

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Area: 26.198m²
Project launch: 2019
Client: Quilvest and Arax Properties
Design team: Advisers, FCM Architects, Gecotech, Enertech, Stablo
Address: rue de l’hôpital 31 - 1000 Brussels